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BioHarvestNetTM is a woven net with rectangular mesh opening manufactured from 100% natural fibers and is used during harvesting to support and wrap the turf in big, heavy-traditional plastic harvest net. The rolls reinforced and protected by the BioHarvestNetTM net are less prone to damage and would help retain most of the earth during transportation and installation. These attributes improve overall sod quality and reduce installation cost and time.

BioHarvestNetTM is all about supporting the sod and keeping it as a perfect roll from harvest to laying. The net keeps the sod secured at the full width of the roll. Allowing safe moving in the field, safe loading and transportation, in addition to safe unloading. BioHarvestNetTM is a stronger along the driving direction compared to the cross direction.

The flexible nature of the BioHarvestNetTM makes it easy to handle. It is not springy like extruded plastic netting material, and very easy on the operator's hands. Wastage is also reduced significantly due to a less number of broken sods, even when using seeds with creeping roots (ex. Lolium Perenne, Poa Pratensis, Festuca Rubra).

BioHarvestNetTM is available in
29 in. x 3,000 ft.
41 in. x 3,000 ft.
47 in. x 3,000 ft.

BioTurfNetTM is a truly eco-friendly alternative to traditional turf netting for sod growers. Made from all natural jute fiber, it is 100 percent biodegradable and will decompose without UV exposure. The jute fibers absorb water naturally, resulting in a heavier material with better ability to hug the soil.

Its unique, interwoven, twisted construction makes for a stronger netting material. This creates superior dimensional stability and adherence to the soil during the initial stages of planting.

As grass seedlings germinate and grow, their root system intertwines with BioTurfNetTM, producing a sturdy foundation for an earlier harvest. The netting releases rich soil nutrients as it decomposes. Once decomposition is completed, the sod can be harvested immediately saving time and allowing twice as much sod to be produced in the same amount of space. The end result is a more efficient, more productive operation.

By eliminating the use of plastic and its negative environmental impacts, BioTurfNetTM also pays off with a more eco-friendly operation. Featuring an attractive natural color, the jute material contains no chemicals or dyes.

BioTurfNetTM provides cost effective, reliable and better performing alternative to plastic netting, while significantly reducing the chance of equipment entanglement and the threat of wildlife entrapment.

BioTurfNetTM is available in
16.5 ft. x 5,000 ft.