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Would you like to join the progressive movement that is revolutionizing the industry?

Is the latest trendsetting concept in turf production right for your business?

Try state-of-the art BioTurfNetTM and BioHarvestNetTM- the heart and soul of the truly green sod.

Brought to you by the leader in eco-friendly netting. Environmentally conscious producers prefer the true colors of a greener product. The more green the netting, the more green remains in your pocket.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Increases crop turnover
  • Resistant to tenting
  • Easy to handle and to install
  • Absolutely no synthetic materials
  • Made from renewable resource
  • Reduces Entanglement of wildlife and equipment
  • Heavier than traditional plastic turf netting
  • Aesthetically pleasing, natural color blends with roots and soil
  • Windproof installation
  • Better soil hugging properties
  • Interwoven & twisted construction
  • Chemical and dye-free material
  • Readily available throughout the US and globally deliverable